EDUCATION sessions block 1

Monday, October 24 | 1:30pm-2:45pm 


Summer Specialty Camps - A Compact Experience with a Huge Impact - Brandy McCandless & Lisa Wolff, Burlington Recreation and Parks

Let us jump-start your summer planning with fun and innovative ideas to add week-long Specialty Camps to your programming opportunities for youth! If you currently offer day camps or one-day summer programs, have you explored the idea of a week-long half day camp? Just think of the topics you can cover, the needs you can meet, and the exposure you can deliver for these excited summer break kiddos. Learn ways to reach out to families looking for a big opportunity on a small budget, how to maximize partnerships, and new ideas to improve current camp programming through a unique blend of camps. Join us for a small taste of what a summer in Burlington offers youth in the community.


Room 213A

Log Rolling: a not so historic sport - Alexander Beck, Cabarrus County Active Living & Parks & Abby Hoeschler, Key Log Rolling 

Develop the understanding of the history of the sport, the Key Log Rolling company, the log itself and benefits for starting it at your park. You will even have a chance to try it out yourself, so bring some swimwear! 


Room 213D

What we do...Does it Matter? - Dr. Deb Jordan, East Carolina University

Determining whether our programs and services make a difference is something we all want to know -- we also NEED to know it! We'll focus on understanding how to create a valid and reliable evaluation form for use in the many different programs and services we offer.                                         


Room 211AB


Room 212AB

Should I consider lighting my sports facilities with a LED light source - Mike Limpach & Dina Neeley, Musco Sports Lighting

This session will provide information details on technologies available and new developments in sports lighting that will help those attending to review, analyze, and plan for the best practice and approach for current and planned projects.                                       


Room 213BC

Urban Outdoor Connection - Chad Moore & Kelly Hawkins, Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation

The Urban Outdoor Connection Program aims to create urban neighborhoods that maximize the learning and growth that the outdoors can provide in every facet of a child's life.  We seek to provide outdoor programs to kids year round that cultivate leadership, stewardship, teamwork, and higher learning.