EDUCATION sessions block 4

Tuesday, October 25  |  11:00am-12:15pm



Room 213BC

Park Prescription Programs: an innovative way to connect people, physicians and parks through prescribing play- Dr. Joy James, Appalachian State University 

The American Academy of Pediatrics has taken a strong stance on play through recommendations for pediatricians to promote free, unstructured play for children and help parents identify play opportunities in nearby parks and open spaces. In response to this, healthcare providers and community partners have collaborated together to create park prescription programs. Physicians provide patients with written prescriptions for play as well as provide resources for parks, trails and natural areas to carry out healthy activities. This session will discuss the various play prescription programs, current research and some strategies for implementing a park or play prescription program.                                          


Room 216AB

Park-n-Tech - Felina Harris and Jerrick Graham, Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation

Over the last few years more and more park and recreation departments have found creative and innovative ways to HAVE FUN using technology! In this session, we will discuss the many ways that technology can not only improve effectiveness but also customer service. Whoever thought that technology could be used to check a reservation while onsite, take payments during a Dog Show at a rural park, report a broken swing, locate a bathroom within a park and make reservations online? Well, it’s happening and there’s more to come!!                               

Inclusion Matters: Making Play a Priority for EveryBODY-Jennie Sumrell, PlayCore’s Center for Professional Development and Amy Corbitt, Trillium Health Resources

Both a physical and social event, inclusive play is not solely about physically accessing an environment, but what experiences happen once an individual gets there.  Learn inclusive design principles that go beyond the minimum accessibility standards, and discover new innovations that will inspire communities to advocate and fund human-centered outdoor play destinations for people of all ages and abilities.                          


Room 212AB


Room 211AB

Build it and they will come; Wow them and they will come back! - Richard Frazier, David Lee, and Dale Edmonds, Wilson Parks & Recreation

A complete overview of having a quality complex and marketing it to attract Local, State and National Events and the process of quality customer service in the retention of these events and the overall effect it has on the economic impact of the community.                            


Room 213A

Start your own Kosmic Dodgeball Program - Jason McCray, Chamreece Diggs, and Randy Little, High Point Parks and Recreation                                   

Have you ever thought, how can we reinvent some of the games that we play in summer camp and after school? This section is going to discuss how we reinvented a childhood favorite, into a new and different game of dodgeball. This section will take the audience on the full journey, from concept to league play.   We will outline our preparation, implementation, associated cost, marketing and discuss other applications for this program.                                         


Room 213D

Life after Congratulations: Keys to a Successful Transition Following a Promotion - Rob Smith, Garner Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources

Congratulations! You have been promoted. Now what? Whether it is going from part-time to full-time or programmer to manager, each promotion brings a new set of opportunities and challenges. In this interactive session, we will identify the keys to successfully transitioning into your new role. By exploring why you were promoted, understanding the hurdles you face and defining success, we will create individual action plans for professional and personal fulfillment. 


Room 219AB

It’s a Natural Fit! Park & Recreation and Cooperative Extension- Terri Stowers, Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation and Nelson McCaskill, Mecklenburg County Cooperative Extension

From Local Foods and Foods Safety, to Horticulture, Community Gardens, and  4-H, Cooperative Extension has proven to be a natural fit with Park and Recreation in Mecklenburg County. Experience hands-on activities from Cooperative Extension curriculum. Contact information for local Cooperative Extension offices and valuable resources to begin this partnership will be available. 

Leveraging Community Resources for Collective Impact: Recreation and Food Access- Phil Fleischmann & Wade Walcutt, Greensboro Parks and Recreation and Don Milholin, Out of the Garden Project 

This session explores how Greensboro Parks and Recreation's commitment to building better lives and a better community through its programs, facilities and services has resulted in the agency playing a key leadership role in the region's commitment to ending hunger and increasing food access. The department's unique partnerships with area non-profit providers including the Out of the Garden Project, Boys & Girls Clubs, community-driven focus groups and farmers markets will be explored. Useful tools and resources for communities experiencing similar food hardship challenges will be shared and explored.


Room 218AB