EDUCATION sessions block 5

Tuesday, October 25  |  1:45pm-3:00pm



Room 212AB

All in a Day’s Work - Michael Kirschman, Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation 

Addressing pressing issues such as social inequity, health and obesity, crime and safety, and protecting our natural resources may seem like an impossible job for anyone, but the reality is YOU do it every day. Yes, your daily actions save lives. Yes, your work decreases health care costs and improves fitness. Yes, you create a safer community. You do it every day and even the smallest of tasks combine to create incredible outcomes. While the public sometimes doesn’t even realize it, ironically sometimes even P&R professionals forget it!                                         

Programming & Marketing Strategies for Todays Teens  - Jerome Johnson, Durham Parks and Recreation 

This discussion will allow teen program administrators the opportunity discuss and share a variety of effective marketing strategies to create awareness of program offerings. This session will also introduce the audience to successful non-traditional marketing strategies to promote their recreational programs including cultural arts, camps, educational programs etc. that appeal to teens that otherwise have little to no interest in traditional recreation activities.                                


Room 213A


Room 216AB

Gen X Turns 50- Is Your Department Ready?-Steve White, Retired Professional & Senior Adult Consultant

Learn about the dynamic challenges that Parks and Recreation Departments will face as the first wave of Gen X'ers turn 50.  Explore the challenges of engaging active adult patrons for 30+ years in your program, and how to foster better partnerships and support for your efforts.                       


Room 213BC

Starting (or improving) your summer counselor in training program - Julie Collins, Cary Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources and Michelle Gill-Moffat, Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department 

Want to find a positive way to keep teenagers busy in the summer?  Learn how valuable teens can be as volunteers in your programs and how to build young leaders in your community.   Participants will understand the program process for developing, marketing and implementing a summer Counselor In Training Program for high school students. Learn the value of properly training the Counselors in Training, as well as staff for working with teens in a volunteer capacity.                   


Room 219AB

Negligence and me….What should I know- Dr. Deb Jordan, East Carolina University 

Did you know that if someone gets hurt at a program you are running and decides to sue for negligence that in addition to the agency being a target of the lawsuit that YOU could be sued, too? All practitioners face the possibility of being sued as an individual and having a basic knowledge of negligence and how to avoid it through safety practices is a must. Consider this a primer on negligence and learn about specific actions you can take in the course of business to protect your self.                                   


Room 213D

Game Changer: Maximizing Millennials in the Workforce through Innovation - Tori Spaugh Darensburg and Debbie Woodbury, City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources 

There are five generations in the workforce. Each group brings unique competencies and perspectives of values, beliefs, habits, and preferences to the professional world.  Currently, Millennials are the largest generation in the American workforce. However, the Millennial workforce and the workplace are out of sync. Who are the Millennials and what do they really have to offer the working world? How do you successfully incorporate the Millennials into this dynamic?  Join us as we discuss generational differences and effective ways to innovatively maximize the potential of this group in your organization.


Room 211AB

Universal Program Design- From Theory to Practice - Nikki Speer and Chris Frelke, Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources

With so much hype around best practices and meeting ADA requirements, the term "universal design" has become common lingo in many organizations.  But, what does it really mean?  We'll discuss the context of universal design and how it can be applied programmatically to allow the greatest opportunity for anyone to participate in your organization's programs and experiences.  Help innovate your organization by learning how to implement universal program design.


Room 218AB

NCRPA.NET: Connecting Recreation Interns with Agencies  - Rob Stiefvater, NC Central University and Stephanie West, Appalachian State University 

Internship students need agencies and agencies want internship students. This session will detail the process for posting internship opportunities on NCRPA.Net as well as give advice to both agencies and interns about how to find the perfect match!