EDUCATION sessions block 7

Wednesday, October 26  |  8:15am-9:30am


Building Community Collaborations and Partnerships - Linda Graham Jones and Nikki Spears, Raleigh Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources 

The focus of this discussion is to share strategies on engaging local city leaders, building and maintaining public/private partnerships, and developing communication strategies. More often than not public sector outreach can become one-dimensional efforts that create "programming mills" that are in need of innovative enhancement. We have found that community oriented initiatives are sustained through outcome driven principles, citizen participation, and collaboration.  The sustainability of community oriented programming is largely dependent upon reciprocal and collaborative partnerships.                               


Room 211AB


Room 216AB

The Essentials of Maintenance Management Planning- Jeff Bransford, PROS Consulting 

Maintenance Management Plans help your department prioritize and maximize your operational budget, as well as manage your level of care to meet varying community needs. This session covers everything you need to know to develop your own Maintenance Management Plan, clearly identifying their fundamental components and how to develop them. It also lays out a path to create your own plan. Small or large, simple or complex, any system can benefit from a Maintenance Management Plan.                              


Room 213BC

Standing Out in the Crowd: Engaging Communities with Social Media-  Matt Carusona, NCRPA and Cara McLeod, Raleigh Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources

The exponential growth of technology and social media has had a profound effect on an agency’s communication plan. Gone are the days of one-way communication. Today citizens are part of a greater online community that is talking, and they are talking about you! Recreation and park professionals need a whole new set of tools and effective solutions to help them navigate this ever changing landscape of digital communications. This interactive session will focus on community engagement and brand awareness through social media best practices and implementation. The session will explore tangible examples of how departments are managing their digital reputation and social media communications, while promoting their facilities and programs with digital media. Additionally, participants will roleplay situations they may face as social media managers.                                      


Room 219AB

Veteran Recreation: How do we serve our service members? - Dr. Erik Rabinowitz and Heather Edwards, Appalachian State University 

Out of 20 North Carolina municipal parks and recreation departments surveyed, only one department knew that there is a NC law pertaining to the recreation for veterans. North Carolina has been proactive in providing legal documentation that veterans receive the appropriate facilities, equipment, and recreation opportunities. Cities with higher populations need to be aware of the law in place and should prepare and plan programs for these individuals. Since the 2001 beginning of Operation Enduring Freedom (later renamed Operation Iraqi Freedom) and Operation New Dawn, the Office of the Secretary of Defense has elevated the concept of “Return and Recreate.”The key to this concept is to provide structured programs to service members returning from deployments, veterans, and former military civilians. Military recreation can have many benefits for our veterans, but it is our job to provide for them and allow them the same opportunities after they leave the military. Ensuring programs, educating staff, and providing facilities for these individuals in their new homes away from military life is crucial in breaking the civilian and military divide.                                   


Room 213D

Leadership: A generational perspective - Chris Frelke and Jaime Quinn, Raleigh Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources

Leadership is a popular topic, and has transformed over the years. There are a multitude of facets to examine to truly understand how to effectively leading. This session will focus on the generational aspect imperative to leading a diverse workforce. This session will explore how different generations perceive leadership and what approaches are more a tune for each generation.  Attendees will also learn the different leadership styles and determine which styles resonates with them and how to grow their skills to impact the different generations they manage.                        


Room 212AB

It’s a Wild World Out There- Outdoor and Nature Programming for All Ages Made Easy - Michelle Hitselberger, Monroe Parks and Recreation and Mary Bures, Great Outdoor University/North Carolina Wildlife Federation

With growing studies revealing the enormous mental and physical benefits of outdoor play, adventure in nature and learning about native wildlife, this session will provide everything you need to create nature and outdoor programs at your facility or park.  Learn ways to maximize your space and create new ones. Basic resources and actual lesson plans will be provided to do successful planning and implementation of nature programming for all ages.  Any recreational professional can do outdoor and nature programs - join us and see how easy it is!


Room 213A

Fireball: Tennis for Everyone-Caroline Downs, Kelly Gaines, and Andrew Waldrop, USTA North Carolina 

Fireball is USTA North Carolina's new tennis program that is sweeping the state. It allows all levels of players, especially beginners to hit the courts and have a great time. Fireball is played on smaller courts with modified equipment, helping all players experience success. The goal of this program is to provide a great introduction to the sport of tennis.