EDUCATION sessions block 8

Wednesday, October 26  |  9:45am-11:00am


Five Tips for Successful Transitioning - Dale Smith, Smith Management Training and Consulting

Have you just recently taken on a new job?  Are you considering applying for a promotion?  If so, this session is the right one for you!  There are challenges when taking on a new position and some of those challenges are not usually thought about until you are in the job.  This session provides tips that will help you establish a seamless transition.  See you there!


Room 213D


Room 216AB

Laying a Solid Foundation to a Successful Youth Sports Program  - Andy Parker, National Alliance for Youth Sports 

This session will give insight into several different youth sport programs that can be used to enhance any organization’s youth sports curriculum.  The presentation will highlight the desired outcomes of youth sports programs and display how proper and innovative programming can achieve these goals.  Benefits of these programs range from developing future participants for sports programs through proper skill development, providing parents with the tools to be youth sport coaches as well as team moms/dads, providing the participants with necessary guidance to become positive and respectful members of a community and the potential to generate revenue for any organization                                 


Room 218AB

Pro-active Planning for Success - Teresa Penbrooke, NCSU, GreenPlay, and GP RED

Now, more than ever, you need have valid plans in place to help your agency move forward, even if that means making cuts. This session will give an overview of the different types of plans you can complete, when to do which type, and how to get them done well with the least amount of resource investment. Taught in a way that is applicable for all levels of staff and decision makers, you’ll learn why there is no one single “Master Plan” template for agencies, how planning affects your revenue streams, and how to determine what you need done at different times. We’ll cover master and strategic plans, feasibility studies, needs assessments, relationship to CAPRA standards, a sustainable action planning template, and sample documents.                                           


Room 219AB

Save some money and do it right: Needs assessment in-house  -  Dr. Erik Rabinowitz, Appalachian State University

A good needs assessment can really set your park's present, and future. Many parks and recreation agencies have outsourced their needs assessment to agencies that "know what they are doing", but most of the ones I have seen are weak on so many levels. Come to this session and get all the tools you will need to do this on your own. You will get better data for preparing a PARTF grant, master plan data that will actually be based of your contingents wants, and save you some money.  


Room 211AB

Early Intervention: Jumpstarting Therapeutic Recreation Programming - Ariel Kliem and Melissa Johnson, Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation

This program will provide information on how Therapeutic Recreation plays a key part in Early Intervention Programming.  We will discuss the importance of implementing programs for children ages 2-5, who have a disability or are at risk within the community. Attendees will be able to define Early Intervention and will recognize the importance of programming for this targeted population.  Attendees will become educated about Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation programs, including Young Athletes, and how to develop and implement them within their agency.


Room 213BC

So You Want to Sit in My Chair? - Michelle Wells, NCRPA 

Do you have aspirations of being a Park & Recreation Director or member of upper management?  Come hear from a panel of directors who are in various stages of their career and find out what it is like to sit in that chair.  The panel will share their thoughts on how to prepare for this position; what to expect in the first 100 days and beyond as a new director and they will provide insight to what it is really like to be the director of a parks and recreation agency.  


Room 212AB

Get Outside- A Look at Natural Play - Kevin Brickman, Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation

We will address what Natural Play is, the benefits and how to incorporate it into your park facilities.                               


Room 213A

25 Tools In 75 Minutes: Free Rockstar Resources To Amp Our Programming - Eric Rowles, Leading To Change

Get ready for a LIGHTNING round of proven tools and strategies to raise your recreation game. We'll cover the BEST of technology, program design, media, funding and even youth/parent communication methods. You'll leave with your head spinning, a handout of resources, and NEW ideas to take back to your program!